Ahad, 17 Ogos 2008

trying to keep the option open

i did show my intention..

but now i'm not really confident..

to carry all the burden, the hope, and the trust..

Those ethically most fitted to rule are precisely the ones most reluctant to rule, preffering instead to devote themself to humankind's chief concern: the nature of wisdom, the fate of the human soul, and the imcomprehensibility of God's purposes.

Hakīm Abū l-Qāsim Firdawsī Tūsī

belasah saja? yakin boleh?

4 ulasan:

  1. belasah je masennnnnnnn!!! yakin bolehhhhh! aku ada! bekas campaign manager saiful bukhari pun ada. hahahhaa

  2. tapi ako tak suka main2 belakang..buat kerja kt belakang ako suka la..

  3. merepek.

    once decided, follow thru until the end.

    *satu pesanan serius drp penaja*

  4. saya suka la pesanan penaja nih. dia serius. pesanan penaja yang serius.


    bolos sajaaaa masennn.

    tadek hallll.