Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

live long and prosper

it's been awhile since the last time i post something in english..apart from the logbook entries and reports for my practical purpose, everything is in bahasa my grammar have gone to the roof..

but anyway, there's a lot of things i've wanted to write but due to the lack of time (which is not a good excuse by the way), i can't put those ideas into words, somehow or whatever it is..yet i still have time to hang out and watch some good movies with friends and my love ones..and to be honest, star trek was way better than angels and demons, the screenplay and stuff..and it really live up my expectations..IMHO, neatly done film to create a new star trek franchise, not like transformers where you can get confused about it storyline, especially if you did follow it for a long time (with add-ons character, unexplainable alternate realities, canons storyline, yada-yada-yada)..sigh..

back to reality though, this 3-4 days i've been in and out of some serious conversation about politics, students, and social scenario..and it seems nowadays, a lot of this conversation revolve around unity, 1 malaysia and there, everything have '1'in front of it..1malaysia, 1belia, 1this, 1that,, everybody are looking into this '1' thing, and the goal is also one, unity..i really this is not just a come and go situation, like 'cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang' (or 'temberang' as some of us like to put it) as this would really nice for our nation, especially in times like this..

as for me, the talk of unity is not a new issues, more like a repeated issue and arises when there's a social rift in our society..during my early days joining as college student, it seems like this issue was something not many people want to talk about..the economy is good, and we are politically stable, so there's no need to discuss it..but now, with situation such as the failure of the government securing 2/3 majority in the last election, and also the crisis in perak, and our new prime minister's 1malaysia concept, it seems that unity is the 'in' thing..thus, the campaign to strenghten it has started, eventhough the idea is not new, such as Satu Sekolah untuk Semua campaign..started by this blogger (read this posting), and you can read the petition and sign it here..i know it's quite late to post it here but what the heck..the result of procastination (yeah, that's the main reason for everything..hahaha)

its not a new idea because i have discussed (or shall i say argue) with my lecturer about how to close the gap between race in malaysia..2 days of heated after class discussion and argument made us agree about one thing, education is the key..however, as a sign for me not to really go into this thing (as i have tell him that i'm not really into political stuff), he said that everything can be changed but it is up to the people that hold political power up there to make it happen..and it'll only happen if it benefits them..and now, the situation is somehow turned up to benefits them, with people's power and stuff, i think this might actually work..

hurm, i guess everything is tied with politics, and like q-fee said, "its how we played man"..

and to label young people who owns kapchai as mat rempit, including those who really passionate to ride very fast, ie. racing, and people who realize it is better to ride a bike then taking the congested (and unrealiable) public transport, is not fair..generalizing is always unfair..why not we take action, example, build more racing tracks, or convert a suitable road to a racing track, that can be used for grass root it for bikers, drifters, grip racers, and maybe drag racing enthusiast, who can't afford to go professional (or maybe just an andrenalin junkie) to get their fix every weekend..hence we can filter the road and see who's exactly those 'samseng jalanan'..

what do you say??

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