Khamis, 3 Disember 2009

going kafka-esque

feeling annoyed, then the guilt came..
every single things i did, i thought, will be marked with senseless, disorienting complexity..
menacing one part of my life while indirectly affect the rest..


words are being misunderstood, actions aren't enough to give satisfaction, and promises......

sculpted tree intertwined with flowers in many color imagined withered without showers of aurora..
tears of heaven flows down from the milky way taste bitter from the absence of the shining star..
and the shining marble chariot efforts to light up the night are futile if the gloomy clouds reign over the vast green field..

i just wanted to dance..
creating the soft breeze that once caress my face gently..
swirling up to the sky, transformed the gloomy clouds into spiralling pillars of overflowing lights and shadows..
and it did not happen..

annoyed and tired, i sit and watch as all the things goes wrong..

thus guilt came, laughing towards ego, and self satisfaction..
while heart flickers, tying hope to its neck..
and soul looking up to the sky, for a speck of tiny rays that have escaped the gloomy clouds..
and themselves, they're not alone at all..

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