Isnin, 21 September 2009

spot on

a friend post this on her facebook (yup, girls do watch football)..

reading all these dickless MAN U fans showcasing their winning speech prove that they got nothing to be proud of other than that. not even their 2" headless private member. grow up u asses its not like u won by big point , it was a close call so...stop being so arrogant and obnoxious because it wont be until next year that u guys gonna be down on the circle again. selamat hari raya suma!

well, i do agree with her but its still not too late to bermaaf-maafan kan?

right on..still on the topic of Aidilfitri..met an old friend after prayer this morning and somehow we both felt like this time, we've kinda lost the spirit to celebrate like we used to be..particularly when both our grandparents have gone, and we basically have no kampung..

being born and raised in the vicinity of Klang valley, the balik kampung spirits were high everytime my family go back to see my grandparents, either back in JB or Rembau..the excitement was phenomenon, the travel, the sight of uncles, cousins, the scene where all the bodies scattered throughout the house, sleeping..and now, i wonder if i can get the same feeling?

celebrating Aidilfitri in this humble house that i've always return each time the sun sets..and nearly all my cousins are living nearby, more or less can be visited in a span of one day (sometime just gave a call and meet somewhere)..hence its gone, the feeling, the more like what they show on tV, coming back from the city to their hometown, wooden stilt house, with sawah saujana mata memandang as their backyard..

nope..just that empty feeling of not having nowhere to go..

but that the end of it..just the feeling on that moment when i know that from now on i'll be spending Aidilfitri here in Bangi..

and then, i realize that its still much the same, only a little bit of different that did not make any different at all..

Selamat Hari Raya..

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