Isnin, 5 Oktober 2009

what a wonderful (cruel) world

rain started to fall, drizzling lightly, crying..the drama still going for nearly an hour as i stubbed out my second cigarette..Jie offered another but i decline..i cant put more stress in my lung in this suffocating environment..

it is surprising to know that these days, a young child is left to fend off for themselves in such an early face this beautiful yet cruel world with all the challenge and survive by their own effort, without any help from the family that already taste the sweet and bitter taste of life without any guidance..trying on the verge of giving up to find love and pursuit happyness..fall again and again yet still standing up on their own two feet..

tons of respect to this survivor..

i stood up and find a spot under the shade of some tree, escaping the sun who have spilled it rays from the gloomy clouds..and i took another cigarette, light it up and blows the essece of tobacco pleasurely as the drama folds into conclusion..the land are dry once again..

and the tears keep falling..

3 ulasan:

  1. did she read this? she might feel a bit better..

  2. plot yang menarik walaupun pendek.