Jumaat, 23 September 2011

Care Less on Car Less Day

Yesterday was the World Car Free Day, a day where motorist are encouraged to give up their car for a day. While most of the major cities celebrate it by not driving their car, our capital however are congested as usual with bumper to bumper traffic.

I wonder why other nation can have a no-car day but not Malaysia? Even China, famous with world's worst traffic jam can have a no-car day where special zones are created where only pedestrian, bicyclist and buses are allowed. Not to mention our own neighbour, Indonesia who shut down their city main avenue motorize vehicle, every month since 2010. Why can we?

Hence I put up a facebook status about it,did some research, asking people about it and now I know why.

We just don't care. Just like everything else. From the top to the bottom. Leftist or right wings.

We just don't care at all.

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