Khamis, 8 September 2011

The Other Thought

I've never thought I'll be back here and writing again. Yet here I am, tapping little QWERTY buttons, laying down the words on digital diary. Writing was never my forte. Once I thought I can write nice little paragraph,maybe put in some philosophical quote, an intelligence piece of mind, a bright and insightful thought, and put it up everyday for the world to see. And boy I do write it, right?


All I write was some jumble up words, incoherent thoughts, testosterone laced feelings, maybe some fucked up imagination, unrequited feelings and more. It makes me laugh when I read it again. Not as matured as I thought I was during those days. Heh.

Well, to cut things short I'm now in a totally new environment. No more meeting many kind of people, making deals, counting imaginary profits from a planned venture, travel here and there, nope, no more. Now I sit in my cubicle, doing administrative stuff enlarging my belly and my ass. Well, its not what I like to do but the perks are good, I can enjoy a quality life, and have more time to spend.

Hence I re-blog.

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